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CE China

广州电子消费品及家电品牌展(CE China),作为全球最大的消费电子展IFA的全球活动之一

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Inaugurated in Hong Kong in 1987, German Industry and Commerce Ltd. (GIC) is a member of the AHK network of 140 offices in over 90 countries and territories. A non-government, non-political private registered association with the public mandate of the Federal Republic of Germany to represent the overall economic interests of Germany, GIC focuses on the promotion of bilateral trade and investment between Germany and our region.

Furthermore, GIC provides the management, dedicated staff and other resources to the German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong (GCC).

In Hong Kong, GIC and GCC in co-operation with the German Swiss International School, offers two vocational training programmes in compliance with the German ‘dual system’ scheme. The certificate is fully recognized in Germany and endorsed by the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

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